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Honey with Edible Rose Petals
Lose yourself in a world of sensuality created by the intoxicating aroma, taste and texture of this natural wonder.
CHF 30.93 excluding shipping
equates to CHF 262.80 per 1 kg(s)
Theta Limited Raw Thyme Honey
Experience the most rare, limited, superb and exquisite raw monofloral thyme honey containing 76% of thyme pollen.
CHF 27.50 excluding shipping
equates to CHF 92.07 per 1 kg(s)
Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic Eulogia
Honey with Chios Mastic from Arkoi, a small rocky island in the southern Aegean known for its crystal blue waters and handful of inhabitants, fused with the famed mastic resin of Chios.
CHF 18.78 excluding shipping
equates to CHF 69.61 per 1 kg(s)
Care Cream for Pets with Propolis 50ml MYBEE
For healing of wounds of domestic, for bites, burns and dry skin. Preserves natural moisture and elasticity.
CHF 13.70 excluding shipping
Ritual Bloom Organic Olive Oil
Ritual Bloom Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil contains aromas of herbs, citrus fruits and floral hints with remarkable length, exceptionally balanced.
CHF 34.79 excluding shipping
equates to CHF 76.87 per 1 lt