Helleo handmade soaps are 100% natural, from organic Cretan olive oil and only pure raw materials. We consider the quality and purity of the materials more like lifestyle and perception rather than luxury.

The soaps are made with the cold process, which is the purest method for cosmetics because it retains the precious ingredients for the skin, as well as the natural glycerin which is formed during saponification.

Helleo soaps give rich hydration and deep cleansing in the most natural way,and are suitable for use in the body, hands and hair. They came as a result of long-term traditional practices and modern laboratory studies. They are tested on ourselves and people of our inner circle.

They are eco-friendly and 100 % biodegradable.

The production process is 100 % integrated and handmade. As a result every soap is unique: has its own signs, its own personality!