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Premium Greek Flavored Coffee with Cardamon, Kifonidis Passion 200g

Freshly roasted and perfectly ground, Greek coffee flavored with cardamon and packed in an airtight 200g package.
€8.00 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €40.00 per 1 kg(s)

Mykonos Memories: Relive Your Island Getaways with Our Luxurious Candle

Transport yourself to the sun-kissed shores of Mykonos with our luxurious candle, designed to evoke the enchanting memories of your island getaways. A rich, floral accord with cut green stems and Mandarin tea supported by Moroccan spices and a floral heart of orange blossom, lily, Muguet, and jasmine on a substantial base of vanilla, patchouli, and musk.
€39.90 excl tax excluding shipping

The Flavors of Greece's Luxury Tote Bag with Front Pocket

Carry the flavors of Greece with you wherever you go with this luxurious tote bag.
€159.90 excl tax excluding shipping

Luxe Love Ritual: The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift for Relaxation & Romance

Gift of love & sustainability: indulge in a luxurious Valentine's Day with this eco-conscious gift set. Perfect for relaxation & wellness.
€60.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Gift Cards That Won't Get Lost in the Mail: Convenient and Instant Delivery

Eleninanna's physical gift cards offer a touch of personal touch to your gifting experience while providing the convenience that modern gift-giving demands. These premium gift cards, delivered to your doorstep with DHL Express, ensure your thoughtful gesture arrives promptly and securely.

A Unique Gift of Greece in a Wooden Gift Box

A Unique Gift from Greece gift box is perfect for any occasion. (35cm x 19cm x 10cm)
€84.00 excl tax excluding shipping
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