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Bluebell & Magnolia Scented Candle
A bouquet of fragrant bells and intoxicating magnolias form a peculiar aromatic character that you will love.
83,15 lei excluding shipping
Cinnamon Swirl Deluxe Candle Helessence
Fragranced to the max. Our deluxe range of limited production candles makes a bold statement in every room with a unique yet familiar look and luxurious scents in limited edition batches.
132,85 lei excluding shipping
Honeysuckle & Sweet Pea Scented Candle
A blooming composition with aromas of Greece inspired by the 2 most common, humble but also most fragrant flowers of the country: the honeysuckle and the musk.
83,15 lei excluding shipping
IASMOS Extrait Candle
Jasmine essential oil of the species Jasminum Fruticans, also known as Wild Jasmine or Yellow Jasmine,
132,85 lei excluding shipping
KEDROS Extrait Candle
Aromatic notes: Jasmine essential oil (Jasminum Fruticans), peach, verbena, white musk
132,85 lei excluding shipping
KISTOS Extrait Candle
Aromatic notes: Labdanum essential oil (Cistus Creticus), oakmoss, coriander, patchouli
132,85 lei excluding shipping