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Blue Fox Gift Box - Kir Yianni 3x750ml
The color is intense, almost blue. The nose is inviting with loads of black fruit and vanilla. The mouth is explosive, dense, and velvety. Concentrated, full-bodied, hot, and viscous. Although youthful, the balance is there with tannins that are ripe and refined.
HK$1,056.04 excl tax excluding shipping
The Governor, Premium Extra Virgin (High Phenolic EVOO) Unfiltered Olive Oil LIMITED EDITION 500ml Wooden Gift Box
The oleocanthal and oleacein concentrations in “The Governor”™ are 7 times higher than the average of the samples and the highest value recorded among all commercially-available bottled oils since 2009. The total hydroxytyrosol derivatives are 61% higher than the stipulated European regulation. The daily consumption of 20g is known to protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress.
HK$439.13 excl tax excluding shipping
Touch of Greece  Wooden Gift Box
Touch of Greece of Greek land in a unique composition.
HK$308.01 excl tax excluding shipping
Village of Greece  Wooden Gift Box
Touch of Greece of Greek land in a unique composition.
HK$176.01 excl tax excluding shipping
Wooden Gift Box Pamako Ultra premium-unique blend mountain extra virgin olive oil 500ml
The First olive oil certified as Food Supplement. Fresh & strong fruity aroma with mildly spicy elements and mildly bitter taste.
HK$351.13 excl tax excluding shipping