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Genuine and traditional products from every corner of Greece!
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Gourmet Honey

Greek Gourmet honey. Its unique and exquisite flavor create a sensual luxury experience taking us to a journey of a whole new world of exquisite gastronomy and pleasing.

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Rose Honey 130g Theta Foods


Treat your soul to an exploration of sensuality. An formidable elixir of life, this honey and roses is an indulgence that tempts and delights the senses.

115,30 lei excluding shipping
equates to 4.260,63 lei per 1 kg(s)

Premium Turmeric Golden Elixir Honey 298g Eulogia of Sparta


Great taste and exceptional health benefits of our ‘Golden Honey’, a product blending pure high-quality honey and a unique spice elixir mix

81,19 lei excluding shipping
equates to 1.308,81 lei per 1 kg(s)