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Bio Balsamic Cream Glaze With Orange
A 100% natural product, made from condensed white grapemust, oranges and vinegar, distinguished by the excellent aroma of Cretan whitegrape varietes.
20,66 lei excl tax excluding shipping
equates to 507,92 lei per 1 lt
Black Balsamic Pearls Messino
Pearls created from 8-month aged balsamic vinegar, exclusively made from Greek varieties of concentrated balsamic pearls MESSINO grape must.
32,46 lei excl tax excluding shipping
equates to 3.192,65 lei per 1 lt
Unheated Organic Cretan Grape Molasses
Using state-of-the-art technology (cold condensation), we create a 100% natural sweetener, which retains the vitamins, the iron and all the distinctive aromas of fresh grapes. thus giving an instant energy boost Pleasantly palatable when accompanying modem dishes. or when used to create sauces of superior taste.
25,57 lei excl tax excluding shipping
equates to 503,08 lei per 1 lt