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Blog posts of '2014' 'March'

Who should follow the Mediterranean diet?

Mediterranean Diet

The answer to the question, ‘’Who should follow the Mediterranean diet?’’ is: Everyone. Every single person should follow a healthy diet so that he or she would be healthy in body and in mind. You should remember that you do not follow a diet because it is a fashion or because you want to lose fast a couple of pounds. You follow a diet, because you want to have a healthy living. A diet is a way of living and Mediterranean diet has been such a diet. It has been the way of living for millions of people in the Mediterranean Sea and this kind of living has been ‘’discovered’’ recently by dieticians and nutritionists around the world, who now encourage people to follow it.

Is Mediterranean diet more suited for certain people? The answer is No. Mediterranean diet is for all people of all ages, races, and nationalities. It is as healthy for a white woman in Canada as for a Chinese man in Australia. Following the Mediterranean diet we get protection from the sun, we get protected from cancer and it helps us fight diabetes and other chronic diseases. Mediterranean diet is also good and ssuitable for Vegetarians. Med diet is not a manmade diet. It is a diet which has matured through the years so that it would serve the tastes and needs of the nations in the Mediterranean Sea.

Women should follow the Mediterranean diet. Why? A recent Harvard study has shown that women who have adopted the Mediterranean diet and way of living, live longer and without disease! The study followed the dietary habits of about 10 thousand women who were in their fifties and sixties, 50s and 60s for 15 years. The results were amazing! Women, who followed the Mediterranean diet, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and other Mediterranean food, were more likely to reach their 70s healthy and free of chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. The percentages and ratios were in favor of the Med diet and this is no surprise to most of us and it is certainly another piece of convincing data and supporting data in our efforts to convince the unconvinced!