"Elenianna.com" is opening very shortly its electronic gates. It is about a new special electronic boutigue with Luxury and Ultra-Premium Greek products.

Addressing to all of them who are seeking internationally-recognized and distinguished products for their high quality and pioneering design.

The aim of "elenianna.com", which is expected to start operating on Sunday 07/04/2013, is to be a handy, easily accessible tool for the sale of Greek products of high gastronomy.

The "elenianna.com" is a complete electronic website, specially-designed even for those who are not fully-familiarized with the internet. Its basic innovation in relation to the existing websites is the functionality which leads the future user - client of elenianna to the exploration ("explore" the key word which characterizes it) and discovery of products who wants to acquire through history, the place where they were produced, the producer, the cuisines, the recipes and many more as well.

We trust and invest in the products which the greek land produces and we invite you to discover and offer products of high gastronomy and of high nutritious value and aesthetic.

So visit "elenianna.com" at the address http://www.elenianna.com to explore and discover taste and aesthetic.

The process of purchase through our electronic shop is simple and easily completed. For further information, please contact info@elenianna.com.