Organic Greek honey from Fir, one of the most rare and exclusive varieties in the world.

The Greek Fir Honey is one of the rarest products all over the world. Its impressive pearl-amber colour, the characteristic metallic highlights and its extremely thick texture make it special. It is spicy and it tastes like toffee while the flavours of the various flowers and the fir that are given off, constitute a real feast of tastes and colours. Its thick caramel-like texture and pearlescent lustre make this a world-class honey bursting with extraordinary flavour and aroma, unlike any other. All the above characteristics combined with its natural property not to crystallize and it's rich in trace elements composition, satisfy the most demanding consumers.

The Fir Honey belongs to the category of honeydews and it is collected from granules and aphids that parasite on the Greek firs and produce honeydews which are pollinated by the bees. The most important granule is the “Phemicryphus” and it parasites on the “abies Cephalonia”, a specific type of fir that grows on the mountainous areas at the south of Olympos, in Evritania, Pertouli, Karpenisi, Taygeto, Arcadia (Mount Parnon and Mount Mainalo) and in other areas.

Enjoy this distinctive type of honey that is generously offered to us by the Greek nature at elenianna.