A scent to make you feel good with Candles You Needs This Year

You don't have to spend a ton of money on a scented candle. But then again, if you're looking for a long-lasting candle that will fill an entire home—or just a studio apartment—with a luxurious and relaxing scent, look no further. Whether you're giving a gift to someone else or just treating yourself, scented candles never disappoint. Our definition of getting lit involves these deliciously-scented candles that we'll buy over and over again.

What better way to bring warmth to your home than with a beautifully scented candle? Whether you're hosting a holiday party and you're on the hunt for something that screams Christmas, relaxing after a long day, or embracing the cozy art of hygge, a candle just makes everything brighter, and, of course, more fragrant. From soy votives in reusable decorative jars to a long-burning option that smells like an actual library. Here, we’ve rounded up 20 that’ll make your life (and home) feel more luxe scented candles inspired by the timeless beauty of the Greek natural landscape.

Our candle collections
We have 4 candle collections in our store. Graecia Alba, Graecia Fuga, Elements Collection, and Maison Deluxe. The first is housed in clear glass votives and consists of unique blends with 2 prominent components which should cover a broad range of fragrance preferences. Graecia Alba, which means Greek White is reflecting that very concise simplicity of the Greek spirit, a minimal elegance which exudes effortless sophistication in shape, design, and scent.

Graecia Fuga, meaning Greek Escape, is housed in dark blue glass votives, reflecting the endless blue of the Aegean Sea and the free spirit of Greece. The collection was created to act as an inspiration, as well as a challenge, to visit this heavenly place and to dive into its wonders.

Our premium collection of candles, Maison Deluxe, is made in limited batches with limited edition contemporary scents. Aiming for a more international appeal, but without completely abandoning our Mediterranean roots, all Maison Deluxe candles are housed in beautiful rustic jars, that will compliment any style of decoration.

Elements Collection

Graecia Alba,

Graecia Fuga,

Maison Deluxe