How to add more flavor to your vegan cooking with Greek  extra virgin olive oil EVOO.

Delicious vegan cooking is both art and science. Recipes are indeed a critical part of acing your cooking game, but ingredients? They make more of a difference than you might think. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply cooking with olive oil — a high-quality and healthy olive oil — is an easy switch. And one that will bring all the benefits, both in flavor and nutrition.

Start here – the secret to any great meal is cooking with olive oil. Chefs have been using olive oil for centuries to make meals taste exceptional. To the connoisseur, olive oil is as nuanced as fine wine — olives impart the same terroir as wine. The flavor of the region is even more pronounced when pressed into oil.

Whether it’s a first “cold” pressing also makes a difference in the flavor and robustness. Any oil that’s not first cold pressing is going to lose flavor. And when it comes to olive oil, it’s all about the flavor.

Then there’s the freshness — a quality far-too often overlooked in olive oil. Unlike wine, age won’t do your oil any favors (or flavors!). Rancidity can happen quickly with oil. And big-name oil brands can often cut their olive oils with cheaper oils, too. Diluting both health benefits and flavor. It’s why you want to look for an olive oil producer that takes pride in their craft from growing and harvesting to pressing and bottling.

Once you’ve had good olive oil, you’ll know the difference immediately. Good, fresh olive oil will have spicy, grassy notes. It will be peppery but also buttery soft. If it makes you want to drink it straight out of the bottle or go out and buy the best bread in town to dunk into it, you’ve found yourself a keeper.

And when it comes to olive oil, elenianna big healthy collection is a cut above the rest.

We think it’s great to have different extra virgin olive oils for different recipes – that’s why we offer our Organic extra virgin olive oils, and our healthy Collection extra virgin olive oils with more pronounced olive flavor, great for finishing, dipping and drizzling. Olive oil does not get better with age! If you wait to use your extra virgin olive oil and break it out only for special occasions, there is a good chance it will go rancid before you’re able to finish it.

A new olive oil category that is increasingly getting more attention because of its health benefits is High Phenolic Olive Oil


It is a type of olive oil that is supercharged, that has health-giving properties that are off the scale: it is anti-aging, anti-microbial, and it can help you totally re-structure your gut biome.

We only just discovering how much of our health is impacted by our gut, and how so many illnesses stem from it, so if we can fix this area then we can also resolve issues like IBS, psoriasis, weight gain or loss, and many auto-immune illnesses.

High phenolic olive oil also has significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective and neuroprotective properties.

Combine the benefits of a high phenol EVOO in your diet as in a salad or Mixed Greens.